How to Receive Deliverance from Demons and Demonic Oppression

There is a lot of spiritual confusion on the subject of demons and many are under spiritual attack even within the church today and it will behove us to learn from one of God’s great generals from the twentieth century, a pioneer in the area of deliverance ministry.

Deliverance from Demons by Derek Prince

These useful notes were taken from a Youtube video on this subject.  The author is Derek Prince.

derek prince on how to be set free from demons

Derek Prince on the Gospel

“The main area they affect is EMOTIONS and ATTITUDEs. Behind every negative emotion is a corresponding demon. If you get angry and can control it = not a demon;but if it controls you = a demon often

+ Demons bring their “friends” with them !

Rebellion almost always follows PRIDE, then look for witchcraft (e.g the U.S in the 60’s),

resentment, unforgiveness, anger,violence, murder

FEAR (very common)-does not come   from God but fear is something we easily all give way to   followed often by things like

Rejection (Sense of feeling unworthy/unwanted/I don’t feel secure, I don’t know that people really love me/I’m on the outside looking in); at least 20% of professing Cnristians need deliverance from this bec of the breakup of the family-because people need the LOVE of a father for security),

Disappointment (A big door opener SPIRIT-if this happens to you check if a demon enters)+ loneliness (I.m on my own),Misery, Depression, Self-Destruction (Suicide)

The MIND= the greatest battlefield in the world today :

1)      Unbelief- we renounce unbelief !!

2)      Doubt- a mental demon

3)      Compromise

4)      Forgetfulness

5)      Confusion (very common)

6)      Torment

7)      Insanity it surprises me how many Christians fight against a fear of insanity (“you know your aunt ended up in that institution” etc)

8)      Lying

9)      Cursing

10)  Blasphemy

11)  Gossip

12)  Criticism –religious churches

13)  Sex is good-

14)  But fornication/adultery/masturbation=not natural and a very stubborn spirit and shake it out of yr fingers!!

If you can’t overcome it, it is a demon

15)  Homosexuality- a man may be born with a homosexual spirit but it does not mean he is a homosexual

16)  Pornography

17)  Sexual fantasy

18)  Addictions/lusts/- you can be delivered if you hate it. Many addictions are branches of a bigger branch. The bigger branch is usually FRUSTRATION

WHERE DO YOU GO FOR COMFORT in times of pressure? Usually where we go becomes an addiction.

All religions that emphasize salvation thru WORKS + all oriental cults

Heresies- e.g mormonism


Many diff kinds of infirmity and pain are demonic cf what Jesus did:

Eg: 1) epilepsy-very common; if I had to pick one ailment that would be it

2) STRESS– is a person, not a condition

Migraine/Many different types of allergies

Get em to blow it out, Deliverance depends on your will; set yr will against the thing that’s Got int you; God delivers you from yr enemies not yr friends!

Ask the person what they think the name of the spirit is;

Crippling-one of the commonest-twists yr body and makes it go crooked



Spirit of Death (one of the commonest)-comes in to make you die. Satan is a murderer and this is one of the commonest ways

“What’s the use of living?” opens the door.

Or you may have been under a serious illness OR you have been under an anaesthetic.

Eg of a lady under an anesthetic.Derek P interviewed her. “Death” was one of the spirits that announced itself when Derek prayed for her

“when did you enter?” “3 ½ yrs ago when she nearly died on an operating table” it said.

i.e a moment of physical or emotional WEAKNESS.

How do they come in?

An occult background in yr family; 30 possible ancestors can affect

“I will visit the iniquities of the fathers to the 3rd and 4th generation”

Satan is not fair=another reason we need deliverance.

Deut 18:10 and following “There shall not be” (Incl FORTUNE TELLING-God hates it intensely) “or one who conjures spells”/

Soulish manipulation from another person

-Pressures in early childhood. In a home that’s torn or divided by strife. Most demonic problems come in before the age of 8.

I worked with a Catholic doctor in Westbourne Grove;he said this:

Remember the devil chooses the weakest moment or the weakest place

You do well if you do not give place to sudden terror

LACK of SELF Control-you lose control and all yr defences go down/invites demons in.


The information above is a summary of a YouTube message by Derek Prince, the renowned Bible teacher, now deceased.

You may find further information on his ministry here

this message comes courtesy of  2014.


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