Perfect Storm Prophecy by John Paul Jackson

perfect storm prophecy articleListened to the following prophetic word given by the prophet John Paul Jackson back in 2006/7. I sense the man was a true prophet of God (he passed away earlier this year) and is relevant to these days so am putting a rough transcript of the youtube message out there to get to as wide an audience as possible. It’s main focus is on events that he says will happen in the USA (many of which have already happened) but others will have an impact on all of us as they are geophysical, political and even cosmic in nature.

“There is a perfect storm coming”

said John Paul Jackson, “1) it will be religious,political and geophysical.

2) Mubarak will be deposed.  Egypt will become a terrorist state;other nations with moderate leaders (including Saudi Arabia) will follow suit.  Their leaders will fall and a harsher (Islamic) regime will take its place. (this has happened in last few years)

The more sin is allowed to flourish, the more the Enemy has room to work…..

3) I’m going to trouble the waters in Europe.  The Euro will start to weaken, fall and crumble.  My people will begin to cry out to Me.  “When ?” I asked

“It will keep on getting darker until they do”.

What should the church do?

If we sustain our calling out to God-which means a change of heart- then He will move but we can’t go back and do what we used to do).

In a America we’ve come to a place where we expect something for nothing.  We rely on lotteries.  In God, when you work you multiply.  (95% of all lottery winners are dead or broke in 10 years).  Because the fruit of something for nothing is very short-lived.  It’s the work you do that teaches you how to handle what you get..

Massive changes need to come.  Politicians want to get re-elected so they do what the people want, rather than what the country needs.  If we do not cry out to God, at some point our enemies will rule over us.

There will come times when stadiums will be full-but it will be for a solemn assembly-because nobody can afford to go to a Rams game.


Tensions between Iran and Israel will escalate (authors note-confirmation of this word- look at what’s happening in 2015!!  On 14 July 2015 Iran, 6 major world powers including the U.S reached a nuclear deal capping years of negotiations which Israel called an “historic surrender”).  Israel will one day send rockets into Iran but before that happens

-there will be a huge growth of anti-semitism.

-there will be a great backlash against Israel’s action. Opec will form an alliance together and say ” We will not sell gas to anyone who sells gas to Israel”.

Israel will become difficult and Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling.

Its is going to happen not years from now- sooner than that (indeed you are right John Paul, it’s 2015 and Barack Obama and world powers have just given billions  to Iran to appease them, abandoning Americans in Iranian gaols and a Christian pastor imprisoned for his faith, and becoming passive funders of terrorism and destruction as this article says ).

There’s going t o be a One World currency;the dollar will fall after the euro falls;we’re goind to see a whole new global currency;we’re going to see a whole different economic structure between the USA/Canada and Mexico.

Turkey and Russia

Europe will get stronger and Turkey will rise seemingly out of the ashes and become an incredible force in the Middle East.  They seem demure but they will not remain demure.  They will raise their head.

You’re going to see Russia taking on a whole new nationalism and it will create crises in order to spawn nationalism.  It realises it’s losing its youth.  Putin and Medvedev will clash but there’s a third guy behind the scenes who’s even more ruthless and the Lord showed me Putin will set the scene for his coming.  He is not the Antichrist because the antichrist comes from somewhere else, but it’s part of the whole End Times scenario.

Russia;s going to end up blackmailing the old atellite nations and demanding they come into a whole new alliance and Poland /Czech/Hungary/Rumania will be blackmailed-“if you want our oil/gas you’ll come back in”.  They’re waiting currently on the price of gas getting high enough…

He told me earthquakes are going to be coming and it’ll change the tilt of the earth {this prophecy was vindicated of course by the earthquakes in New Zealand in 2010 and 2011 and off the coast of Japan etc}. This will change the jet streams which will cause climatological change…cracks will begin to form into the shields of the earth;the sun will begin to rise and the energy will seep through the cracks and when that happens it will wipe out many of our satellites:no cellphones, no ATMs, no bank transfers, no TV…This type of thing will happen unless you cry out to God-and it needs to be a sustained crying out.  If we don’t this is coming our way…there’s going to be violence in the street;rich neighborhoods are going to be invaded..even the army will only be able to take care of it in the urban areas, not rural.

If you don’t turn your hearts to me, says the Lord, cracks will appear in your military and it will be shrunk and you will end up being invaded..volcanoes are going to erupt again in the NW part of the U.S.

The Lord said it like this..:the earth will no longer yield itself to you.
The causality of sin

….we don’t understand the causality of sin;that things don’t function as they are supposed to when we sin.  We think there is no repercussions to sin.  But there is.  As David said, because judgement is not carried out quickly people think they got away with it.  But that’s the mercy of God , hoping people will repent.  But it causes a bulge in the pipeline and suddenly these things come upon us.

Drought,gravity fields and GM crop problems

Drought will escalate in the southwestern US…food will escalate in price hugely..Earthquakes will not only strike coastal areas but even the mid-west of the U.S;there will places where hail will fall and it will be over a foot thick;there will be tornadoes with such force that automobiles will become airborne missiles;the Lord told me there will be a pandemic that will come.  The first one would prove to be little but severe but that the next one will be serious.

There will be changes in our gravity fields in the earth as there will be changes in the magma of the earth.  Look for notices about changes in the gravity fields..with that will come heating of the oceans floor and the oceans changing temperatures and that will end up killing a lot of fish.

China’s escalation is not by accident;it has design to be the leading Power in the world. In 2007 He told me there will be a move for people to start growing their own foods/ and, by the way, if you are going to buy food don’t buy genetically modified food because it cannot reproduce itself.  There is coming a blight among GM food crops.”

John Paul Jackson (30 July 1950 – 18 February 2015) was an American author, teacher, conference speaker and founder of Streams Ministries International. Jackson often focused on supernatural topics like dreams, visions, and dream interpretation as found in the Bible. He developed a number of prophetic training courses. He was the host of Dreams & Mysteries with John Paul Jackson found on Daystar. He was also a frequent guest on many shows that include The 700 Club, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, Benny Hinn’s This Is Your Day program, and Joni Lamb’s Table Talk among others. At one time he was a member of the controversial Kansas City Prophets. He was the founder ofStreams Ministries International, a Christian group that deals especially with prophecy. Jackson’s career spanned more than 20 years. He served as the senior pastor of two churches, and he also served on the pastoral staff at the Vineyard Movement’s Christian Fellowship in Anaheim, California (with John Wimber) and at the former Metro Christian Fellowship in Kansas City, Missouri (with Mike Bickle).

Read John Paul Jackson’s book: Needless Casualties of War


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