March 5, 2010

Hemorrhoids and Chinese herbal remedies

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I used to suffer from a chronic external hemorrhoid problem and was getting nowhere fast in finding a cure. As related in External hemorrhoids and bleeding hemorrhoids. I progressed from the conventional approach, which involved creams etc and examination by a proctologist to being forced to examine natural healing remedies and alternative cures.

The Natural Healing Remedy came in Stages

The answer came in different stages. The first stage was being introduced to the Chinese herbal remedies; I then went on to implement mainly external remedies such as learning benefits of using alum crystals for hemorrhoids together with using the Chinese herbal product Fargelin.

I then made friends with another Chinese lady (not a dyed-in-the-wool practitioner of Chinese medicine but actually a Singaporean Christian who had learned of the benefits of particular detox program whilst in Singapore).  The program that was not a “Chinese remedy” per se, but certainly in the category of Natural healing remedies.  I learned more from this friend about the importance of dietary changes and about a Natural detoxification program similar to this one, from which I really derived the greatest benefit. A more thorough description of this is covered at Natural Detox tips.

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So I will say at the outset that I do not attribute my hemorrhoids “cure” and subsequent health progress solely to Chinese herbal remedies, nor to any specific group or natural healing practitioner, but to God. As I say elsewhere on this site, it is my belief God ultimately is the Source of all healing. But I do believe God has placed different reservoirs of wisdom in different sections of humanity, and the Chinese are a large constituent of that!

It was a good Christian friend, herself a nurse, who originally suggested I try a Chinese herbal cure, and she even told me of a suitable Chinese practice to visit . I made an appointment and was greeted by a lady with wizened features, a tad shy of 90,whose English was almost as laughable as my Chinese. After much amusing sign language, she concluded it had to do with hemorrhoids and she called in a younger female doctor, who could speak English, and was able to relay to me what was best practice (Chinese-style) for my condition.

I was told to stick my tongue out and I was given a snappy, remarkably accurate diagnosis just from this! I was then given a succinct summary of their findings by the one who could speak English and they majored on the subject of diet-not so much losing weight, as being cautious as to what I ate. Then I was given this pearl of wisdom: “Before you build a house, you need to clean it “. I got the gist: I had been subjecting my body (the “house”) to piles of unhealthy, even toxic ,food. As a salesman I would often get fast food and I remember I even used to fry rice and mix it with anchovies before going on long sales trips!

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Chinese Medicine is 1000’s of Years Old

Chinese herbs have been the basis for “Traditional Chinese Medicine”, or TCM, for over 5,000 years. This knowledge of the healing power of certain Chinese herbs and remedies has been transmitted down through the generations, but because of China’s isolation historically, not much of this has percolated through to the West.

Since Richard Nixon’s rapprochement with the Chinese in the early 70’s, and the opening up of China, knowledge of Chinese medicinal herbs and natural healing remedies has slowly but surely spread through western countries, and are now increasingly popular and in demand. Health-conscious consumers are more and more interested in avoiding products and foods with synthetic chemicals and toxins. But this is not to say one can assume any or ALL Chinese remedies are safe and toxin-free. My Singaporean friend warned me to only buy products in properly-sealed packaging, and whose manufacturers and/or importers were reliable and had proper testing standards.

Most side effects arising from the use of Chinese medicine are caused by their improper use e.g taking improper herbs, herbs with improper combination, excessive use, long-term use, wrong dosage, fake goods and contaminated herbs. The best way to avoid potential problems is to get your treatment and consultation from a qualified Chinese herbalist. Often they will take into account the current medication you are taking and be able to assess your condition with a good knowledge of the products they are dispensing. One should not take Chinese herbs for extended periods-some of the “inferior herbs” are toxic. So please read the labels and note our Disclaimer as we are merely providing information based on our own research and limited experience. Chinese medicinal herbs are a vast field of study and the Chinese can be rightly proud of their efforts to record the experience and knowledge of the herbs for the benefit of posterity.

John Reason,
Salesman, teacher, Article writer, Internet Marketer.
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