April 7, 2016

God’s Answer to Fear and Stress

How to Deal With Stress

It seems wherever you turn these days, people are plagued in varying degrees with fear, stress and mental illness.  The symptoms of stress can be seen in road rage, domestic violence, alienation and mental and emotional breakdown.  How to deal with stress and anxiety is becoming a topic of concern not just for the medical community these days.

John Reason :Book

How to Deal with Stress: God’s Answer

Jesus said in the Last Days “Men’s hearts {would be} failing them for fear, and for looking on those things which are coming on the earth.” (Luke 21:26) AKJV

I saw a statistic the other day quoted in Henry K Wright’s book “A More Excellent Way” which was eye-opening.  He says one in four Americans suffer from hypertension and relates the condition back to the source,fear; and, as he says, Jesus predicted men having heart failure in the Last Days.

Is there a solution?  Is it to make an appointment with a psychologist when we can’t get to sleep at night because of anxiety or because of stress on the job?  Maybe in some cases that might be the answer.  Many have been put on medication for problems relating to stress and anxiety.  The problem is- medication may help people to manage the problem but it does not cure it.

Where Does Fear Originate?

Where does fear originate?  We weren’t born with fear.  I believe the roots of most stress-related illnesses and mental oppression are spiritual because fear itself is a spirit.  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear..” And to find the origin of fear, as with most things,we have to go back to the book of Genesis.  Adam and Eve decided to listen to the devil and his question “Hath God Said?” persuaded them to disobey the word of God.  The result: alienation, spiritual death and-fear.  Genesis says they hid themselves.

The same story is played out in households the world over-and the devil uses the same strategy-getting us to doubt whether God is good and whether what God says is true.  Why does he do that?  Because it works!

Therefore medicating it away is not going to help!  Henry Wright has achieved significant results getting people to understand that conditions that we today regard as common for modern man-for example fear and anxiety- are actually, biblically speaking, sins.  Pastor Wright has devised a ministry course that gets people to recognize the root of their problem-which is not, he says, chemicals as in the case of a lady whom he got delivered from a severe nerve disorder, but is often simply sin.

After leading people to recognize and  repent of the sin of fear, he says freedom from heart and other disorders is often a natural result.  He is regarded as an authority on the new disease E.I (Environmental Illness). This is his comment on angina and other heart diseases:

“In the textbook “Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis of Disease” under the heading “examples of Stress-Related Diseases and Conditions”,” relates pastor Wright, “a primary target organ is the heart and/or the cardiovascular system.  Diseases such as angina, hypertension, arrhythmias and mitral valve prolapse are listed and are considered fear, anxiety and stress diseases by the medical community.”

He reminds us that God already told us that fear, anxiety and stress are the basis of these diseases, in the scripture we read at the beginning.

So even the medical community seems to be concurring with what pastor Wright and Scripture have been saying.  God knows what causes these dis-eases and He alone knows how to put us back into “ease”.

how to be free of stress and anxiety

Christchurch Earthquake

My story

I have direct experience dealing with stressful situations and environments.  Shortly after the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 I made the decision to try out a new career teaching English in South Korea.  I was there when Kim Jong-un was threatening to fire missiles at his southern neighbour, as well as at America and (if I recall correctly, of all places-Australia! ) It was a very nerve-wracking time.

Effects of Stress in New Zealand

I live in a part of the world which is very familiar with earthquakes-the Canterbury region of New Zealand.  Apart from the devastating earthquake in Feb 2011 , the initial earthquake in September 2010 we have had our fair share of earth-moving experiences.

Many locals have not reacted very well.  After the earthquake just recently on Valentines Day 2016 the Christchurch Press reported that police call-outs for domestic abuse doubled.  The article said that since the February 2011 earthquake mental illness was generally on the increase and that the domestic abuse had happened after other aftershocks but “not to this degree”.

“The information we have is that it’s stress related,” said Superintendent Lane Todd.”It builds the picture that mental health issues are still there.  When we had that large earthquake it was just a trigger to bring it all back.” he said . The majority of the incidents involved partners, not children, said the article.  It also reported that suicides were on the increase-Canterbury police reported 2800 attempted suicides in the region, and increase on previous years and significantly higher than other parts of the country.

So we in Canterbury know about fear and anxiety.  Police in the above cases referred the people involved in the above incidents to social agencies or counselling “where applicable”.  There is no mention of them being referred to the church.  It is probably the same in your nation.  In the next post we look at how Jesus ministered to stress and anxiety and how the church ministers today..


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