October 4, 2011

Essiac Tea:the Fascinating Story of Rene Caisse

I was taking a brief weekend break the other day and whilst staying at the holiday chalet with family came across the book “Suppressed where to buy Essiac teaInventions and Other Discoveries” by Jonathan Eisen.

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One of the chapters was about a Canadian nurse Marie Caisse and the wonderful benefits of Essiac Tea, subtitled “Nature’s Cure for Cancer”, which she brought to the attention of the world.
Because I had previously heard about the health benefits of Essiac tea (‘Essiac’ is ‘Caisse’ spelt backwards)  in my research on natural healing remedies, my interest was engaged and I made notes on the article.

Who Was Rene Caisse and Why the Fuss About Essiac Tea?

Part of the article include the following interview by Elizabeth Robinson of Dr Gary Glum which I enclose an abridged version of here, for the sake of space.  Rene Marie Caisse was a rather humble Canadian nurse who lived 70 years ago and treated thousands of patients with a herbal remedy which she called Essiac.  She discovered the remedy via an Ojibway folk medicine practitioner

(from Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries by Jonathan Eisen):

” GG:I learned about Rene from Mary —  who was a personal friend of Rene’s -also a patient.  Mary worked with Rene in the 1930’s and she had in her possession..these documents that had to do with Essiac over the 40 years Rene administered it.  All the documents Rene had were destroyed by the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare at her death in 1978.  They burned all that information in 55 gallon drums behind her home.
ER: Why?
GG:because they don’t want this information in the hands of the public or press or anybody else.  They indeed found out what Essiac was in 1937.  The Royal Cancer Commission hearings had then came to the same conclusion Rene had…that Essiac was a cure for cancer.
…ER: Why do you think the information on Essiac is not more widely known?
GG: The information is withheld because cancer is the second largest revenue producing business in the world, next to the petro-chemical business.  Money and power suppress the truth.  No-one has ever sought to cure cancer…only to control it.
ER: Do you know if the remedy is being used or tested anywhere…?
GG: Right now Essiac is being used in every state in the U.S,throughout Canada,into Mexico..Australia,Europe,Asia and ..also in Africa.  So the message of Essiac is beginning to (spread) but it’s still known only on a limited basis”

In the interview Gary Glum, in addition to the rather eye-opening comments mentioned, highlights a few problems with buying Essiac from distributors. He mentions that herbal distributors have been known to substitute yellow dock and curly dock for sheep’s sorrel, which is apparently one of the crucial elements to Essiac that Rene developed in her Essiac formula.  Gary Glum went on to say that sheep’s sorrel was the herbal ingredient in Essiac said to be responsible for destroying cancer cells in the body or their amalgamation where metastasised cells return to the original tumor site.  He refers to research around this being done by a Dr Chester Stock at Sloan-Kettering over a three-year period.  When the information was gathered it was withheld from the general public but handed over to the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare.  The Canadian government apparently then banned anyone from selling or distributing it!

Essiac Tea Benefits and Caveats

So the little I have been able to ascertain about this product is that, firstly, it has helped a lot of people;
-it appears (from sources like the Eisen book) to have been perceived as a threat to the Cancer Control Commission and they seem to have been successful in limiting public access to, and effectively shutting down, Nurse Caisse’s discovery during her lifetime, despite many testifying to the efficacy of Rene Caisse’s treatment.

-many products sold as original Essiac are not original Essiac and the four ingredients you should look for are burdock root, slippery elm inner bark, sheep sorrel, and Indian rhubarb root. In combination these herbs are claimed to cleanse the blood, boost the immune system, and help repair cells.

-from what I have researched I do not advise viewing Essiac as a cure-all for cancer.  The reason is that no two plants are identical and obviously the product is made from different batches of plants.  The bottle you purchase necessarily will not be as fresh as the freshly-made up treatments Rene Caisse used on her patients. Also the success of any treatment seems to depend on the stage of the cancer of individual patients.

Read this useful article for pointers on who should not used Essiac: http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Essiac_Warnings.html

HOWEVER I am impressed by the dedication and zeal of Rene Caisse and her story and I believe she was sincere and sincerely right that this product can help in the worldwide fight against cancer.  Depending on the stage of cancer you may have it may need to be administered in conjunction with other treatments.  From my research on problems requiring natural hemorrhoid treatment and other natural healing remedies, as well as into finding out the best colon cleanse and natural detoxification program to detoxify the body I have come up with this phrase, time and again, and it’s always with a ringing endorsement: Essiac tea is  great for building immunity, it is recommended in effective detoxification programs including ones I have followed, and this is quite apart from any benefits it may have in shrinking tumors (which, as a layperson and not a doctor I have not been able to verify).  So it may very well be high on the list of natural cancer cures-if I had cancer I would certainly be investigating it as an option.

Essiac Formula Capsules

Essiac Formula Capsules

So obviously consult your doctor before undertaking any course of treatment but I believe we owe it to sufferers of the terrible disease to spread the word about Essiac as there are many who say they have been helped by it in their fight against the disease;a disease which the Cancer Society and others that get billions of dollars for their cancer research, have not been able to eliminate or cure from when Renee Caisse was nursing and up to now.

The products we are reflecting on this site are “imported from Essiac Canada International, which has the exclusive right to the original proprietary Essiac formula used by Rene Caisse”.

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