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We had our usual Christmas Day breakfast today and one of our guests, a Nigerian on a visit to New Zealand, told us some interesting stories of his life in Africa.  Particularly on the differing reactions you might expect in parts of Nigeria and South Africa if you flashed your iphone around!

He grew up obviously in Nigeria, and then moved to South Africa to complete some studies and is now on a short stay visiting friends in our country. He was talking about the relative peace and tranquility we enjoy here, I say “relative” because thefts and murders happen here as well.

Where does law and order and peace actually come from?  I believe ultimately from God. One of the untrumpeted benefits of living in a western nation built on a Judaeo-Christian heritage is the benefit of “respect for others”. A society built on Christian values where you respect others’ lives and property is different to one where there is a lack of respect for others’ property or lives-sometimes the “peace” that comes from this is something we take for granted in nations that have a Christian heritage and uphold the Rule of Law.

He said, of his stay in Nigeria and South Africa. “In Nigeria if you have an iphone you don’t flaunt it in public. You are liable to have it taken off you at gunpoint.  If you give it to them they then leave you alone.  But in South Africa, (he spent some time living in Johannesburg) there is a difference: there they expect you to resist them, so they will shoot you first, and then take the phone off you.”!!.

I was challenged to look at the crime statistics in both these countries.  I found that Nigeria comes 22nd in a list of the 25 worst countries for homicide as well as having the dubious distinction of having “hideous practices of raping, domestic violence or even slavery… as common things in this country.” South Africa came 10th with statistics suggesting that 50 people are murdered every day. Huffington Post puts them at 9th. So my little research seemed to bear out my friend’s story!

And when it comes to purely theft, there are worse places apparently -Belgium and Sweden according to this article.

In order to have a peaceful society it takes more than just money or wealth. St Vincent, the Bahamas and other countries are wealthy per capita but have high homicide rates. To have peace you need to have the Rule of Law. In 1215, the Christian Stephen Langton gathered the Barons in England and forced King John and future sovereigns and magistrates back under the rule of law, preserving ancient liberties by Magna Carta in return for exacting taxes.This foundation for a constitution was carried into the United States Constitution.

But it is acknowledged by many that even the Rule of Law needs a mechanism or something greater to make it work. That, dear friends, I believe is the Word of God;a belief that the God of The Bible is to be taken seriously, that what He says is true about Life (it is sacred) and Sin (it needs to be repented of, that there is a Judgement to come and every hidden matter -including unsolved homicides, undiscovered thefts-, will be brought to the light).

The answer I believe is a Christian Reformation. (of course, if you are anti-Christian, another answer is a socialist dictatorship -which is what the globalists want and we see the mess they are causing around the world today! A police state or culture that imposes zero tolerance for crime is another option).

It’s the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and new Luthers and Archbishop Langtons are much needed. When the Word of God is highly esteemed it is easy to follow these simple laws: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” Exod 20:17

We’re not there yet by any means but it is worth remembering as we enter the New Year:

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He chose for His inheritance.”  Psalm 33:12.

In the meantime, keep your iphone purchase discreet if you live in Nigeria, South Africa or Columbia!

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