Don’t Let the System Kill You!

The Kingdom Process of Impacting the World

The Bible says “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”  (John 8:32)  I don’t know about you but I appreciate when I hear relevant truth spoken or preached.  Dr Myles Munroe, one of God’s Generals, who passed away over a year ago now, was one such man.  He was not afraid of confronting the world with truth pertinent to our times.

myles message on johnreason website

The Kingdom Process of Social Transformation

This is a great message and I have made a summary of the main points for those who share Dr Munroe’s passion for kingdom change, and in case the Youtube video that it comes from is taken off at any time.  Over to Dr Myles now:

“Everybody wants to change the world.  But how do you intend to change it?

  •  How do you want to change yourself?
  • What do we need to change in the world?
  • Do we need to change everything?  Do we really need to change the definition of marriage?
  • How do we want to change the things we want changed?  One group want change and so sit on the street for 3 weeks.  Why?  They want change.  Another group want change and storm the Parliament and hold the P..M hostage and kill some parliamentarians and say “We want change”.  So the question is-if you want change to come, have you figured out how you want the change to come?
  • What Do we want to change things from?  I think we should leave some things unchanged because they are working.
  • Biggest question: what do you want to change to, or into/  We wnat to change our circumstances, ourselves and our environment but the q. is :”Into what?”  Sometimes we just make statements without thinking.  In the 1960’s we had the hippie revolution.  People said “I want change.  Let’s destroy government, I don’t want to go to the war,  I don’t want anyone to tell us how to love- we want to have sex anytime.  I want to smoke dope.”  And they reaped a harvest with their children smoking dope and rebelling against them.

True change requires a destination.  You should never change until you are clear as to what you want to change to.  You never change for change sake.

What do you want to change to?”-that’s the question.  The destiny is more important than the change.  You can change your diet and kill yourself.  Twinkies have so much chemicals they can last ten years without decay!

True change needs a clear Destiny

What Does it Mean to Change?

Change means

1)to make something different from its original form

2) to transform from or convert into something else

3) to substitute another for something else

If we get rid of traditional marriage we need to ask what do we want to substitute it with?  Nobody is asking this question.  The greatest leader of all time , Jesus Christ, came to change the world.  He believed the world needed to change.  He didn’t say the earth needed to change.  The actual word he used was “save ” the world.  We kind of use this word “save” as a personal thing but its really not a personal thing to Jesus.

It’s a national ,social, world issue.  Jesus came to save the world,  It means “salvage”.  It means to capture something before it fully decays and put it back to its original state.  Jesus was very clear he came to salvage the world.  There are only two kingdoms in this world-the kingdom of God which is the kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness which is is rules by the unemployed cherub or devil.  Jesus called him “your adversary”. Adversary means to to be adverse-the devil is against everything you see.   Some of you are wondering why you are going through so many problems.  It is because there is an adversary.

Good News

Can I give you some good news? The fact that you have an adversary is proof that that thing you are fighting to keep BELONGS to YOU.  That’s why the fight for your health is so tough because the devil knows God wants you healed.

Why do you think you have such a  {fight} getting money.  He knows God wants you to be debt free.  He’ll give you stress, make you give up. The good news is that whatever he is adverse to is proof that it belongs to you!  Adversity -It’s a sign you are on the right track!  In other words if you have {no fight} (italics mine) there is nothing the devil need fight you over.  The tougher the battle, the more you are in God’s will.

The tougher the fight the closer you are victory.

  • when you get to Enemy lines the heat of the battle gets tougher
  • you’re catching hell because you are about to take over territory hell was holding

He is the adversary and his battle is for the earth.  “The earth is the Lord’s“.

– Heavens strategy is very clear-John 3:16.  He sent his Son to save the world,it doesn’t say “earth”.

The word for earth is “tierria”– the physical planet

-“world” is “kosmos” which means:

  • governing systems
  • powers of authority
  • Controlling systems

Jesus came to save us from our own Systems and restore Heaven to Earth

The Health System Locks You Out

There are people dying , not because they can’t get healthcare but because the system locks them out.  There are people who can be delivered from their disease but the Sytem locks you out.  They say you need to pay $8000 before you even come in here.  They are controlling your life and your death.  That’s one system.

Then you have the Banking System.  They say : “we ain’t going to lend you no money for your health!’

Then the Insurance company says “We’re going to cancel it because you can’t pay the premium or you have a pre-existing condition. There you are dying and the System locked you out.

He came to redeem that.  When the disciples were with him, they din’t need health insurance. “He healed all..”  God’s system can cancel your bank account and save you from your sickness.  He came to save     “For God so loved the world (the Governing System)”… Everything that rules your life He came to redeem and save.”

Dr Myles went on to talk about the fact there is nothing wrong with systems per se-just with the evil people who run them. He gave a good illustration of how the System kills. A man misses 3 payments on his mortgage and his house is put in the paper as being for sale. Stress causes his blood pressure go up,free radicals turn into a cancer tumor and he dies.  The System killed him!

The System is Sick

“The System is sick and it puts its sickness on you. Jesus came to save us from our Systems.” says Dr Myles.

If you would like to read a good book by Dr Myles see above or look at Kingdom Principles: Preparing for Kingdom Experience and Expansion (Understanding the Kingdom).

If you would like more information on dr Myles legacy and ministry go to his site.


John Reason




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