Cindy Jacobs Prophecy for New Zealand -July 1998

“New Zealand is a Sword in My Hand”

A friend and I met with Barry Bothaway, one of our great prayer leaders in New Zealand today, and was greatly interested and encouraged to hear some of the prophecies that have been made over this land in the last few years.

Cindy Jacobs:Possessing the Gates of The enemy

Possessing the Gates of The enemy

I have been saddened in the past to see a lack of emphasis and understanding of the importance of the prophetic by local churches in New Zealand and the U.K, and as a leader of a prayer group in a newer church I have had the Lord share with me prophetic words that are fairly mind-blowing, so it was good to hear some confirmations from established prophets in the wider Body of Christ.

I have heard Cindy Jacobs many times in live meetings that I attended in London, under the auspices of the Prayer Foundation led by my old teachers, Rod and Julie Anderson (Julie a great prayer warrior in the Body of Christ herself, and a pioneer in prayer and healing meetings in England with Rod).  I can testify that Cindy was accurate and God-honouring in the prophetic messages she delivered at Rod and Julie’s conferences and meetings ;and her book Possessing the Gates of the enemy is a classic manual on spiritual warfare.

This is a prophetic word she delivered about New Zealand in July 1998.

“For the Lord would say, “That is by my choice, the sun rises first in New Zealand-for I have made you a vanguard nation.”

And the Lord says to you, “There is going to be the fire of the Holy Spirit, that hits New Zealand”.

And the Lord says, ” I am going to raise up an Army that will touch the nations of the earth”, says God.  There is going to be a mighty revival that sweeps New Zealand.  People will come from all over the earth just to see what God is doing.

And the Lord says, I am going to bring a linking and I am going to bring a mission-sending anointing. :  And the Lord says , “Out of New Zealand will come a church planting movement and, you are going to plant churches all across the 10/40 window for I have an anointing of missions upon New Zealand.

And the Lord says I am going to send you forth into the harvest field…There is going to be a great anointing upon you to be Peace Makers……

And the Lord says, “The enemy would try to come and disrupt relationships in New Zealand and I see that Satan would try to cause some fighting between groups.

“But,” the Lord says, “I am going to give you a second chance-in that which I tried to do many years ago, but satan got in the midst of it.  I am going to move again.” said the Lord.  “That which I tried to do in the 70’s and that which I tried to do in the late 60’s, but there was an abortion of what I was trying to do.”  Go says ” I am going to sweep it again, and I am going to cause a revival that is going to hit in the high places, literally it is going to hit the mountain people” .  And the Lord says” It is going to be a powerful anointing.  And I am going to sweep these islands and then there is going to be a linking with the Fijian islands.  There is going to be a linking across the Pacific rim.  And it is going to be like fire, hitting stepping stones that is going to go all the way up to Asia.

And the Lord says, ” New Zealand is a sword in my hand, and I have called you to be a cutting edge people.”

Cindy Jacobs followed this up with a prophecy in year 2000 in Wellington, a copy of which I also have, and which Barry Bothaway referred to.

Cindy Jacobs Book

Deliver Us From Evil: Putting A Stop To The Occultic Influence Invading Your Home and Community

God has been speaking to me personally about God’s dealings with Christchurch, and if time permits. may share on this in another post.  Christchurch is very key to what God is doing in New Zealand and Barry Bothaway says another prophet this month declared the same thing.


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