Building a Raised Garden Bed

Where to put your Raised bed

Building a raised garden bed does not need to be expensive and can be fun. To start off, work out where you want to put the bed.  We did not have a lot of space in our garden so we chose a spot away from our trees so it would get the maximum sunshine.  If you are thinking of planting the usual vegetables for use in your kitchen you will need a couple of hours of sunshine preferably every day.


Find some flat ground and connect your timber or planks that you have bought together. Ours was  240x 120cm macrocarpa  wood;connect the wooden sides at the bottom with bolts, after drilling a hole for the bolts.  You then drive in 4 stakes at the corners to attach the second level of planks and nail them in at the corners.

Use a divider to ensure the base planks are all level first.  Then scrape off the grass.  Someone told us to put a weed mat down but then the gardening expert in our family-our 74-year old Mum- said it was better to not have that as “you want the worms to come up”.

how to build a raised garden bed

nail them in at the corners

Then empty all your green waste and dead leaves into the raised bed and let it settle for a few days, watering once in the evening to help with the decomposition.

How deep should the raised garden be?

Again, what kind of vegetables are you planning on planting.  Obviously with vegetables with deeper root systems you are looking at greater depth requirements.

 How Long Before you Plant the vegetables?

Our gardening expert-74-year old Mom- told us to leave the decomposing clippings and grass and leaves for 4-5 days , watering ever y evening.  Then she advised we divide the Raised bed and put soil or compost on top of the grass/leaves/decaying vegetables of only one section.planting a bed

That way we could make a start planting vegetables on the one side whilst still adding to the other side the vegetable scraps and leaves and grass clippings to the other.


What sort of Soil do you Add?

We bought soil compost from the local gardening outfit in town and added to the top of the decomposing mulch of leaves, grass clippings and unwanted fruit and vegetable skins.  We emptied 6 bags or so into the right hand side of the raised bed we were working on, then raked it down.

A friend gave us some plants from her organic garden and so in no time at all we had a flourishing mini-garden with spinach ,beets and herbs..

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed with Your 71 year old Mom!In New Zealand where we live there are great vegetables.  The problem is there are only two or three companies that control the distribution and sale of food, so ,as my Malaysian friend told me, the food prices are very high compared to many European and Asian countries.

In an era when people are cash-strapped, and where in many countries food is expensive, should not we all be looking to develop that unused space in our backyard?

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How to Build a Raised Garden Bed With your 71-year- old Mom!

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