Benefits of New Zealand Manuka Honey

My friend Tunde swears by New Zealand honey. Every time I go round his office he uses it to make a delicious lemon, ginger and honey drink or he is using it on bread or to sweeten tea or some food. He says his small-scale research of local businesses in our city reveals a disturbingly high percentage of usage of refined sugars to sweeten dishes in our local restaurants.

Benefits of New Zealand Manuka honeyWhite sugar is not great for your health as I learned from Tunde, and as many people with diabetes can confirm too.

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I learned that right here in New Zealand is one of the most tasty as well most medically beneficial honeys in the world: Manuka honey, from the Manuka tree. That’s right -“medically”- you heard correct. Since the latter part of the nineteenth century it has been known that honey is great for repairing tissue damaged by infection. On top of that, honey can reduce inflammation as it has anti-inflammatory properties, and so pain is alleviated as well. But all honeys are not the same-some are way stronger and more efficacious than others.

The bees we use get their nectar from wild Manuka trees in the remote and unspoilt hills and valleys of New Zealand .  Manuka trees are sometimes called “Tea trees” because Captain Cook the famous explorer reportedly made a cup of tea from the leaves of the tree.

Manuka honey and other types of honey all  contain hydrogen peroxide, which is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic.  But the amount of hydrogen peroxide can vary widely from one honey to another. Dr Molan has found that Active Manuka honey is very efficacious against bacteria that cause

  • Infected wounds
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Sore throats

Some people even use manuka honey in acne treatment.  All pure honey around the world is basically good for you health-wise because pure honeys all contain different levels  of the enzyme Glucose Oxidase. This enzyme, which is introduced into the honey by the marvelous bees, slowly releases antiseptic Hydrogen Peroxide effectively into infection sites, in or on the body, killing harmful bacteria without harming any tissues in your body.

Different companies have different ways of rating Manuka Honey. UMF is one of the methods. The place we source our honey from ((CLICK HERE FOR NEW ZEALAND HONEY), uses ‘Total Activity’ to rate the Manuka honey.

I have started taking manuka and multiflora honey with hot water in the mornings (along with the honey and ginger) and have gone through the NZ winter so far with no flu or colds. (Bear in mind, I pray as well! -remember as we say in other articles, a healthy spirit should always be the foundation for your health).

I would be interested in feedback from customers who use New Zealand honey regularly, particularly from the health perspective.

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