This Web/Blog site covers subjects on the three main areas of  Health, Wealth and the Spiritual Life. Health categories are broadly on Natural healing remedies, Alternative Cures (including the role of prayer in healing) and many of the products and remedies offered on this site have been personally tested for their efficacy.  Wealth creation strategies include information and tips from an internet marketing affiliate program (internet work from home), and views and ideas from working for Direct sales companies.  The Spiritual Life blog posts are from a Christian perspective.

John Reason lived in his formative years in Africa (see African Genesis) ,then in England and now lives in Australasia.  Among other things, he is an independent health researcher,entrepreneur, and article writer.  Interests: helping disadvantaged groups; business and investment opportunities; B.A.M (Business as Mission); writing or teaching on the areas of Health and Healing, spiritual freedom through the Bible, Wealth creation strategies, and  English as a Second  language.

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The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze, c.1909 (detail)

Klimt, Gustav

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